KoirTray™ is made up of all natural coconut fiber and natural latex and is 100% biodegradable. KoirTray™ plays a major role in nurseries in replanting, and is basically used as a bed for sowing seeds to be transplanted later.


  • Excellent base for sowing seed
  • 100% Natural and biodegradable
  • Ideal for modular growing
  • Excellent growth results


KoirTray™ is also used as a natural, biodegradable modular system for vegetated roofs. These modules are usually square trays. Unlike traditional modular systems, the coconut fiber decomposes over time, and the KoirTray™ module is converted into humus. This eliminates the use of plastic materials in growing and installing vegetated roofs, increasing the sustain ability of the roof. There are added benefits to overall LEED score as well.

Major benefits of KoirTray™ systems for vegetated roofing systems are:

  • Pre-establishing plants in an offsite nursery, allowing installation of vegetated roofs that are 100% grown out from day one, without the risk of shocking the plants during installation
  • A potentially broader plant palette. The KoirTray™ modules can hold 3”- 6” of growing media to support intensive vegetated roof designs.
  • Increased flexibility of roof design
  • Ability to be installed on sloped roof applications, in addition to standard flat roof installations, making it an excellent option for unusual roof designs.