KoirPole™ is a natural coir fiber pole, used as support for vines and creepers. The coir fiber's ability to hold moisture enhances the root growth of the plant and is ideal for indoor or outdoor creeper plants. Extensive grip of the creepers root to the coir fiber outer skin of the pole makes it climb faster and with more vigor.

It is widely used in plant nurseries, horticulture farms, and as indoor/outdoor horticulture décor.

KoirPole is available in a variety of length, and are stackable.

Applications :

  • Growing creeping plants & vines
  • Used in plant nurseries
  • Indoor/outdoor horticultural decor

Advantages :

  • Porous nature of the coir fiber helps vigorous root growth
  • Retains moisture and conserves water
  • Extensible by stacking
koirPole koirPole
koirPole koirPole