KoirPeat™ Disc

disc KoirPeat™ Discs are ideal for seed raising and seedlings or saplings. It keeps the root of plants moist. In addition, it prevents the plant root from being exposed to direct sunlight. The coir fiber discs stop the growth of weeds, thus preventing the loss of soil nutrients to weeds.

An organic potting medium made from natural coconut husk fibers, this all natural material is not only ideal for hydroponics and mixed media cultivation, but is an excellent soil conditioner as well. This product was specially developed for growing Gerberas which require a robust, high AFP (Air Filled Porosity) medium with relatively low water retention.
KoirPeat™ disc is an ideal solution as potting soil for all types of home gardening purposes. It is easy to use. Soak or add water until KoirPeat™ disc expands to required volume.
Specification Average Value
Electrical conductivity < 0.50 ms/cm
pH 5.5-6.8
Total Organic Matter 95%
Moisture Content < 15 %


  • Seedling raising
  • Bulk nursery growing
  • Growing small plants


  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Suited for automation
  • Improves root system
  • 100% Natural & biodegradable