KoirChip™ - Disc

koirChip KoirChip™ Discs are proven as an excellent medium for growing plants like orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums hydroponic growing, etc.

Give your plants a sturdy growing structure with KoirChip™ Discs. KoirChip™ Discs support your plants all year long. Quality compressed discs which have been specially treated to give excellent results for a variety of potted plants is ideal for home and commercial hydroponics.

An organic potting medium made from natural coconut husk fibers, this all natural material is not only ideal for hydroponics and mixed media cultivation, but is an excellent soil conditioner as well. KoirChip™ Discs hold more water, air and nutrients than bark chips and does not dry out as quickly. Yet the open structure allows air to circulate just as well as bark. KoirChip™ Discs contains five times more lignin than bark, so they are highly resistant to breakdown. Size, packaging and quality can be customizable in accordance to customer request.

KoirChip™ - Brick

koirChip The KoirChip™ Brick offer the same benefits as the disk, and is available in different sizes and are shipped in slightly compressed bales. The bricks do double duty:

koirChip They retain water, making sure plants never go thirsty, but due to their texture, they also offer excellent drainage properties. Plants are no longer at risk of “drowning” in too-packed or over-watered soil. Instead, the KoirChip™ Brick’s ideal consistency gives them room to breathe and for roots to grow freely, capturing that essential air-to-water ratio for your biggest growth yet. Implement this pathogen-free media to your potting soil or in place of bark mulch as an attractive and all-natural ground cover.


The KoirGrowBag™ contains compressed coir peat in a UV resistant polythene bag. Simply add water and the coir peat would expand and provide a medium to grow without requiring additional space or a container to grow in. Available in a custom sizes

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