about 100% all-natural, all-purpose, earth-friendly fabric with hundreds of uses. This fabric can be used outdoors for seed germination, erosion control, as a shade cloth or as a protective wrap. JuteNet™ helps the seeds to germinate by holding in moisture and controlling any wash-away and provides heat storage to accelerate vegetative development allowing uninhibited growth of wood plant species, grass and ground cover.

JuteNet™ protects plants from windburn, freezing rain, snow and ice. It shades sensitive plants from the sun. You can even use it for hundreds of craft projects. JuteNet™ is an earth friendly soil stabilizer.

KoirLog™s help in the growth of vegetation and protect stream banks. These have compact coir fiber core which form a coir web for superior filtration, covered by exterior coir mesh. KoirLog™s are made from double cleaned, unsorted coconut fiber encased in high tensile strength coir twine netting. KoirLog™s help to dissipate the impact from wave action and owing water, trap sediments, and encourage vegetation growth. During installation, seedlings or plant cuttings can be planted into the KoirLog™ trapped by the KoirLog™ as well as the inherent property of the coir fiber to absorb and retain moisture provides an ideal medium for vegetation establishment and growth. KoirLog™ can be pre-planted in the nursery and transported to the site for instant vegetation.